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Stapleton provides a wide range of material and processes to meet the needs of  clients worldwide.  Listed are some of the processes offered.

These seven processes provide conventional electroless nickel deposits to a wide range of applications.  The processes are provided in both Matrix and Production formulas.   Matrix processes are competitively priced to meet the most demanding situations.

AUTONIC, Electroless Nickel Processes

These four process provide an advanced electroless chemistry that produces an ultra high purity deposit while producing a non-hazardous waste.  This is accomplished by using high purity chemistry that uses Nickel hypophosphite, eliminating the Sodium sulfate from the chemistry and using a purification unit that filters out the precipitated Orthophosphite.

ENFINITY, Electroless Nickel Process

To complement the plating and metalization processes a family of pretreatment processes are provided.  These are divided into masking, cleaning, etching, activation, and post treatments.

AUTOBOND, Pretreatment Processes

These processes provide for metalization of semiconductor wafers with a wide range of metals.  The typical processes produce a nickel and gold coating for solder, wire bonding and stud bumping.  The processes include systems for depositing onto Aluminum, Copper, Silicon, Silicon dioxide, and others.

Mobius Solutions, Semiconductor Processes

These materials are a special class of nano-structured autocatalytic and electrolytic deposits.  They represent the most advance chemical deposition systems, incorporating complex chemistries that impart a specific structure to the deposit, producing new properties and function. 

Nanomet Materials

These products support the solar cell fabrication industry.   A complete tool set and process materials are available to make single band gap silicon cells and a path to making triple band gap thin film cells.  This group of products represents a transition into systems delivery where tooling and materials are provided in holistic approach to aqueous metalization.

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