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AUTOBOND Pretreatments

Metal Finishing is only as good as the cleaning and preparation of the substrate.

The four step to metalization are:

· Mechanical Preparation

· Chemical Cleaning

· Surface Conditioning

· Activation

Product Summary

A well developed pretreatment process provides cleaning and surface conditioning for articles that may be contaminated or soiled.  To develop the most robust processes a series of tests are performed to identify the optimum process temperatures and time to clean the surface.  Contaminates like tars and oils may require greater pretreatment to achieve good results.

We offer Process Optimization services to determine the most efficient chemistry and operating parameters.

Automatic Autocatalytic Nickel Station. 

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To address each of these steps a family of products are provided by Stapleton. 


·       Deburing and Masking

·       Alkaline Cleaners

·       Alkaline Electro cleaners

·       Acid Cleaners

·       Oxide Removal

·       Zincation           

·       Strike Processes

·       Seed Processes