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Thin Film Science

Thin Film Science products and services represent the next generation of electrodeposition and autocatalytic processes. These advanced systems are capable of depositing thin layer of metals into stacks and then thermally processing them to produce diffusion formed material with unique properties.

These properties include magnetic, optical, thermal and electrical. The tool set developed for these processes provides for the continuous deposition onto foils at high speed and the deposition onto wafers and parts using standardized carriers for automated production.

Applications for these technologies includes smart cards, chip carriers, photovoltaic foils, solar cells, self assemble coatings, power devices and more.

These systems are custom designed to meet the exacting specifications of the client or are provided as complete turnkey systems.

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3D Silicon Surface after Solarmet 2140 Macro Etch.

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TFS Systems(tm)



Coating Functions:

Solar Cell utilizing a Macro Etch Profile with Backside interposer and connections.

TFS Film Processing Station with 2000 Gauss magnetic deposition unit for depositing magnetic nickel/cobalt alloy films onto carrier foils.