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Autocatalytic Coatings & Technology

Stapleton Technologies Inc.

The following projects are being pursued by Stapleton

This is a new material and process that scavenges Oxygen from water producing a flow of Hydrogen and Oxygen. This is produced at the quantum level and provides a low cost means of recovering waste heat and returning it to chemical energy.

Patents have been filed and efforts are underway to secure the IP for licensing of the technology to users worldwide. This is a very critical effort at Stapleton and a very high priority.


This technology is centered around the continuous application of our metalization processes onto films and foils. The markets that this technology serves are solar, smart cards, cell phones, chip carriers and a wide range of new products that need higher density circuits with higher reliability and lower cost.

For over 10 years Stapleton has offered high purity processes for CMOS processing of silicon wafers to the semiconductor industry. These materials are formulated to have less than 1ppm Na, K and Li for metalizing nickel and gold onto the CMOS wafers. These materials are distributed exclusively by Technic Inc.

The Nanomet products are the next generation of autocatalytic and electrolytic materials that are being applied in the nanometric thicknesses to achieve very specific and unique properties. Through the use of organic additives and buffers a highly organized binary or ternary structure is produced.

This project uses patented technologies developed by Stapleton to coat steel pipe with ternary electroless nickel alloy that readily accepts DLC coatings. This combination makes for the most corrosion resistant pipe available for the most aggressive of nuclear, chemical and fossil fuel environments.

H2O Energy

Nanomet Coatings

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Thin Film Technology

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Photo of direct metalization of silicon using CoNi followed by Gold.