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Nanomet processes provide a unique set of properties for applications by utilizing the nano-structure of the alloy or specific molecular preference for that element.

In most cases these materials are produced from an aqueous solution and deposited into an alloy.  The operating conditions and organic additives effect the structure producing stronger, harder, tougher, more conductive alloy than the natural element.

Product Summary

· Nano-structured coatings

· Unique Properties and Form

· Engineered for specific applications

· Increased Coating Performance

TRIBOL 1000  Nickel/Thallium/Boron    This coating is self-lubricating, exceptional hard and is made up of small rods that resist fretting and adhesive wear.

This material is used on jet engine exhaust vector thrust bearings.   The rods in this micro photo are 30-50nm in diameter.

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NANOMET 2296  Palladium This fractal deposit of palladium is produced in an autocatalytic process.  The rod like structures are approximately 45nm in diameter and grow to several hundred nm in length.