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Semiconductor Processes

The Mobius Solutions processes have been formulated for CMOS operations and generally are less than 1ppm Na, K or Li.  These materials are formulated with ultra high purity chemicals and prepared in controlled Cleanroom using advance monitoring and tracking of trace elements to ppt levels.

This is accomplished by a team of skilled chemists and operators who manage and prepare these materials using MS and ICP instrumentation.

The materials are distributed by Technic Inc.  exclusively and prepositioned in Asia, Europe and USA for immediate delivery to semiconductor  operations.

Product containers are serialized and tracked through the supply chain to use by the client.  In most situations the materials are provided in a “Ready to Use”  form, pre tested and diluted for simple transfer into the process station for operations.

Product Summary

· Complete Systems

·        Wafer Qualification

·        Tools

·        Materials

· CMOS Grade Purity & Packaging

· Concentrates & “Ready to Use”


Mobius Solutions Tool operating in Shanghai, China

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Entegris Keyed Bung used on Tools to manage multiple chemistries

Micro photo of  18um diameter pad with 4um NiP and 0.2um Au.

M120-136     Tool Description, Al

C120-140      Tool Description, Al

C120-143      Tool Description, Cu

MICRO Sequences

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