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ISO 9001:2000

Stapleton Technologies manufactures specialty autocatalytic processes  for metalization of wafers, conventional electroless nickel processes, closed loop electroless nickel processes, and a family of electrolytic and pretreatment chemical processes.    These processes and services are used by semiconductor, electronic, microelectronics, industrial and military organizations around the world. Stapleton Company was founded by Richard Stapleton in 1957 and has been providing electroless processes since 1960. 

During the last 50 years Stapleton Technologies has developed several unique and special technologies which are being used worldwide. Stapleton owns both US and foreign patents and has several patents pending. During the early 1980s facilities were opened in Chicago and England where processes and technologies were provided regionally. Today Stapleton Electroless Technologies are available worldwide serving a wide range of industries and applications. 

In 1994 Phillip Stapleton received a patent on joining electroless nickel plated pipe utilizing a special flange which prevents damage to the electroless coating. This technology is being developed to produce a system to deliver electroless clad pipelines using automated orbital welding equipment. This will yield lower costing installations with higher performance and reduced environmental risk.  

In 1994 Stapleton Technologies received the R&D100 Award for the development of ENFINITY Electroless Nickel Plating System. This award is given to the top 100 inventions in the nation during the year and past winners include the CD, VCR, halogen lights and anti-lock braking.  Both Battelle Memorial Institute and the Armstrong Laboratory of the Department of Defense were involved in the study and demonstration of the process for use at military facilities and the elimination of hazardous waste produced by the electroless process. 

The ENFINITY process eliminates the need to dispose of the electroless nickel process and delivers a 1000 metal turnovers plating solution. The system involves using specialized chemistry and a filter which removes the orthophosphite during bath use. With this system in place, the operator of an ENFINITY electroless nickel process will never have to discard such an electroless nickel solution ever again. This produces a significant improvement in quality and reduces the overall cost of operating the plating bath. 

In 1995 Stapleton Technologies introduced a complete system for providing Under Bump Metalization (UBM) Systems. This new technology provides a way for the micro electronic packaging industry to eliminate the need for conventional wire bonding between chips and dies by depositing nickel and gold bumps directly to these surfaces. This bumping process produces columns of nickel and gold which extend off the surface of the wafer and provide points for interconnect. The system provided by Stapleton includes the process chemistry and equipment to perform all operations. 

In 1996 Stapleton Technologies concluded several years of research into lead removal and the elimination of lead from drinking water using coatings and wet processing. Stapleton introduced a complete system to reduce lead from the waterway to below the California and Federal EPA limits. This system includes chemistry and equipment which selectively removes the lead while cleaning the brass surface. 

In 1998 Stapleton Technologies introduced its ALLIANCE Partner program for semiconductor users. This program provides for a semiconductor grade electroless nickel process utilizing ultra pure raw materials and high purity packaging. 

Stapleton Technologies has expanded its commitment to the Semiconductor industry over the last 5 years providing Grade 3 and 4 metalization processes and chemistries. These ultra pure semiconductor products are prepared in Class 100 cleanrooms and packaged in special containers to insure the absolute purity at the time of use. 

Inductively Coupled Plasma analysis by AES and MS are performed on the products to track the trace elements to ppb levels. During packaging, on-line particle counting is performed to insure that the 0.1um filtration is complete. 

Stapleton installed a wafer metalization system in Shanghai, China in 2006 and established a supply chain to Asia with stock in Hong Kong for delivery throughout Asia. 

Stapleton Technologies received ISO9001:2000 Certification in 2007 and successful transferred to a new computer system to meet the demands of the semiconductor industry clients requiring integrated Electronic Change Control.

During 2008 Stapleton appointed Technic Inc. to be the exclusive distributor of Mobius Solutions brand of metalization chemistry making available products worldwide through the Technic sales organization.

Stapleton continues to focus on opportunities for autocatalytic processes and applications and related technologies that meet the most rigorous cost and performance requirements.


Reviewed: 1/09