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Stapleton Technologies is developing a catalytic process that cracks the water molecule into hydrogen and oxygen at a temperature of 100C to 250C. Operating in this temperature range is unique for splitting the water molecule and makes is possible to recover thermal energy and return it to chemical energy for subsequent use.

The photo at the left show the hydrogen monitor indicating 8.4% that was produced by purging the reactor with N2 and monitoring the exhaust gases.

The video link on this page shows a demonstration experiment that produces hydrogen from a single reactor, trap and monitor.

Developing a complete understanding of the process and how to optimize the reaction to achieve 60% hydrogen is the current goal. Test are being accomplished to confirm each of several different reactions, identifying the efficiency and yield using a GC-MS. We will also be using X-ray diffraction to monitor the chemical changes occurring on the catalyst surface to build a complete understanding of the technology.

These efforts are part of a process of inventing a new chemical reaction and preparing the way to master the technology and produce high value to society.

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